🌏 WINNERS of the BRICS Business Incubator: Russia

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that according to the results of the competitive selection by the experts of the BRICS Business Incubator, the winners of the program from the Russian Federation are:

🏆 Kostylev Andrey (LABMEIN, nanorobots in healthcare)

🏆 Borisov Evgeny (Technical education for children)

🏆 Bakhareva Angela (Bioprintech, high-speed gas dissolution technology)

🏆 Kirikov Denis (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Training Center)

🏆 Khristov Dmitry (Manufacturing of modular houses by 3D-stamping method)

🏆 Kolosov Petr (Water treatment and rehabilitation of water bodies)

🏆 Fedorov Alexey (Ultrasonic shock treatment)

🏆 Ilz Denis (Tare-OmSTU, recycling)

🏆 Sushko Natalia (GUSSI COFFEE chain)

🏆 Rapaev Nikolay (LATAM SELLERS, e-commerce)

Congratulations to the winners from Russia, and best wishes for productive work at the online and full-time program of the Business Incubator in Omsk!

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