🌏 ONLINE-CONFERENCE: «First-hand accounts of international business in the BRICS region»

On August 8, as part of the online educational program, the BRICS Business Incubator hosted an online conference: «First-hand accounts of international business in the BRICS region». The event was moderated by Tatiana Seliverstova, Director of the BRICS Business Incubator.

Experts, investors and entrepreneurs from the BRICS countries shared their experience in international business, presented their companies and projects, and discussed promising areas of cooperation.

Important points of the experts of the conference:

Sameep Shastri 🇮🇳 Deputy Chairman of the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Youth, investment in skills development, innovation and self-reliance are the basis for growing any economy.

Mikhail Liu-i-Tian 🇧🇷 Head of Business development Flowwow Brasil
For any international business it is very important to take cultural specifics into account when entering a new market. Learn everything about your client. It is important to share information with your partners, to educate them about some important moments.

Olga Panicheva 🇷🇺 Founder of the cosmetics brand "The CultFace"
Before entering a new market, make sure to conduct proper marketing research. When choosing a marketing strategy, take the sales strategy of your company into account.

Tokologo Phetla 🇿🇦 CEO, Commodore Industries
All BRICS countries need more risk capital. It can make up for the harsh conditions for growth our businesses face. More risk capital would definitely move BRICS countries forward.

Wang Shifei 🇨🇳 Head of the Sales Department of the China Technology Transfer Centre of the SCO Member States
Opening offices abroad is a great solution for a company that does international business. By having physical access to your foreign customers/partners you will be able to improve the quality of your product or service, establish links with the local government and business.
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